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Payroll accounting for your company

Comprehensive legal requirements for payroll accounting make it difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to comply with all obligations towards their employees. To meet all regulations, we take care of your payroll accounting and relieve you of this task.

Our payroll department is responsible for preparing your payroll. We take care of the required billing, the maintenance of the master data of your staff, the registration and deregistration of employees and the statements of contributions for the health insurance companies or notifications to the tax office.

You will also be looked after by us in the case of an external tax audit by the tax office and a social insurance examination by the pension insurance.

The mandatory documentation requirements of all payroll accounting documents specified by the legislator are taken care of and maintained with our expert eye for detail.


Solutions for offshore and onshore value-added tax trusteeship systems provided by cross-border e-commerce companies

​​, Our solution for E-commerce Business Tax registration, filing and reporting is developed base on German Revenue Office owned tax filing system ELSTER. To serve cross border E commerce’s target group’s needs, we made it more than a cost-effective solution, it also leads the mega trend of “Steuerberatung Digitalization 2020” of German Revenue Office and EU Taxation and Customs union. It is the first full automation solution in this segment. Our tax and IT experts work closely daily to update its functions, in order to match the compliance regulations issued on regular basis, to make it even a monitor tool for watching the market activities.


E2EURO TAX is one of the official service providers (

Our Services :

- Objection

- VAT advance notification

- Permanent VAT extension

- Tax account query

- VAT return

- Summary message

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